Armpit & Pumice - Society Of Dogs

The good lady has sent me a timely reminder of how much I love Armpit! This is a cracked split CDr released on Pink Skulls that hasn't made it onto Discogs for some strange reason. It's a split between Armpit and Pumice (aka Stefan Neville) who have also collaborated as Sundowner.

To save me thinking too much, here's the review on the Aquarius Records site: "Another missive from Pink Skulls, the label started by Glenn Donaldson of Jewelled Antler /Thuja / Skygreen Leopards / etc. for stuff that was too punk or weird for JA. And boy does this certainly qualify, a New Zealand noiserock tag team of unprecedented proportions. First up is Pumice, whose recordings sound like they were played through a tin can in a cave and recorded on a microcassette recorder. And that's a good thing! The first track finds Pumice turning G.G. Allin's "I Want To Fuck Women" into Pumice gold, fitting perfectly with his other two tracks, hyper distorted ballads, guitars so distorted they threaten to stop being guitars, while melodies waver and wobble under a wild wash of delay and hiss. Good stuff. We raved about Thee Armpit a few lists back, and even though they've dropped the Thee from their name, they still whip up some serious treble (like trouble, get it? Oh forget it.) Deliberately strummed guitars amidst clouds of angrily hissing shortwave, songs rendered completely unrecognisable by the thick patina of buzz and skree and battered equipment-malfunction glitch. Seriously speaker shredding. And great."

Society Of Dogs


Certifiablockhead 7 June 2015 at 11:00  

great and great fun...s...