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Trance is the early work of Mason Jones whilst Macronympha at this point were Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella...

C46 released on G.R.O.S.S. in 1993.

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naes1984 15 January 2015 at 21:27  

If you have a chance to post some One Dark Eye material, I'd be ever so grateful. I owe you a bottle of your choice for the amazing posts this week. Thanks again.

badgerstump 16 January 2015 at 17:45  

I think I have at least three One Dark Eye releases ... I'll have to check ...

Anonymous,  17 January 2015 at 17:50  


serious 19 January 2015 at 19:55  

great stuff, greeeat stuff being posted here but : is there a chance to get hands on a download of Slave Labour Vol1+2 ?

badgerstump 19 January 2015 at 20:14  

David Gilden, Richard Ramirez, Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella all together on a double tape set from 1994? I wish I had that! If I had it would have been posted years ago ...

Maybe one day?

Mrs. Inside 21 January 2015 at 10:04  

you can find Slave Labor right here: