Hands To - Turn Back The Sun

Jeph Jerman's Hands To project with a disorienting and disturbing little number ...

C46 released on G.R.O.S.S in 1993.

Turn Back The Sun


joe,  17 January 2015 at 17:05  

another name from the legendary fisheye catalog. never got the chance to check out until now. thanks.

lack 17 January 2015 at 17:59  

thanks for posting it. i've already had it has i've bought or downloaded a LOAD of jeph/hands to releases in multiple formats over the years...in fact, nazha was quite instructional/enlightening... where was i...oh right. thanks!!!! (for all those who this will be new to or the collector who is fucked by limited editions) speaking of which...i look at the hands to library on discogs every now and then and drool and then realized how shitty that i missed it. oh well. oh and th anks again for your recent aube post.... its awful ...what happened.

badgerstump 17 January 2015 at 18:03  

i stare at the library too and kick myself...

we still don't know what happened ...

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 16:58  

good post

Certifiablockhead 19 April 2015 at 03:11  

love it...and B is just beyond me...