Ivor Cutler ‎- Dandruff

Welcome to the magically surreal world of Ivor Cutler. As with many of the best things in my life, it was thanks to the many sessions recorded for John Peel that I heard this great Glaswegian. If you have never heard the words and work of Ivor, there is nothing that I can say that will prepare you for the worldview that will unfold before you! This was originally released as an LP in 1974 and is simply one of my favourite things...

As an aside, I like my fridges to look like fridges. I have made one concession to the world of fridge magnets. It is a picture of Ivor and a quote of his: "True Happiness Is Knowing You're A Hypocrite". Each morning as I reach for the milk for my first coffee of the day, Ivor reminds me how truly happy I am!



Anonymous,  28 December 2014 at 17:22  

i'm not english therfore
it has been a pretty difficult listening;
any pdf of the text?