Various - Aotearoa Under Clear Plastic: The Art Of The Drone (Lathe Cuts vol 1)

Peter Wright, RST (aka Andrew Moon), Eso Steel (aka Richard Francis), Witcyst, White Winged Moth (aka Dean Roberts of Thela and The Tower Recordings) and Matthew Middleton (aka Crude which also appears here) and then some...

The Aotearoa Under Clear Plastic set are four "releases" that feature some of the tracks from the multitude of lathe cuts that appeared on any number of New Zealand labels. Some of the labels I am very familiar with and some I am not at all. I've sat on this for years trying to "authenticate" it. I've asked a number of people who appear here and they don't know about it. I've never even been able to find this on t'internet.

So here it is! A collection of tracks from some extremely rare lathes that feature some of the finest minds in the New Zealand history that has survived long enough to register with me ... and a lot of people that I know nothing about ... everything on the four discs are things that I would never have been able to hear otherwise.

Whoever took the time to put these together ... Thanks!

The Art Of The Drone


tim bugbee 20 September 2014 at 22:06  

hey, a friend of mine directed me to this link... i made these comps years ago, and think i shared them via DC++ years ago. excuse the clunky one ever accused me of being a graphics artist :D

I also ripped these when hard drives were expensive and i didn't know much about mp3s, so they were of very low quality (mostly 160, but disc 2 was 128), so these showing as 320 were transcoded (i don't think i ever uploaded the wavs, but maybe i made cdr copies for friends and those leaked).

i can re-rip if you'd like, provided the CDRs can still be read by my disc drive.

chrisc,  21 September 2014 at 09:30  

Thank you for all four volumes. This is precious stuff. And of course thanks to whoever compiled them in the first place.

Anonymous,  22 September 2014 at 15:42  

Absolutely awesome. Those lathes were works of art, but I could never actually bring myself to listen to them more than once or twice. Too delicate to have as anything other than a work of art. So someone did a huge favor to put this together, and then you some how found them and made them available to the rest of us. Thanks so much!

badgerstump 22 September 2014 at 18:15  

Tim ... You are a freakin' Godhead!

Thanks for getting in touch, man, there are so many questions I have about these discs ... mostly kind of how when and why and dozens of which label was this on ...

But never mind that ... i found these online somewhere ages ago ... lord knows how many times these have been digitally recycled ... if you wanted to send actual rips of the actual discs that you created then myself and Mrs Inside would strew your path with rose petals forevermore ... and I think it is fair to say that so would everybody else who visits here!!!

Anonymous,  23 September 2014 at 02:15  

This is an incredible presentation of music I thought I would never get to hear. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

tim bugbee 24 September 2014 at 00:44  

badgerstump, i am in the process of ripping to FLAC, but the CDRs are pretty old and it's slow going...Disc 1 is almost done song 9 and it's been 54 hours :D

i'll put up a wetransfer link when they are done. i've found 3 of the 4 cdrs so far.

Anonymous,  28 September 2014 at 17:43  

absolute top quality.
one of the best post ever.
love that!

tim bugbee,  28 September 2014 at 20:01  

here is the wetransfer link to Vol 3 and 4... i will upload vol 1 soon. i couldn't find vol 2 :(

Anonymous,  27 October 2014 at 07:43  

Thank you tim & badgerstump! Always love these NZ lathe soundzs. Would someone be an angel and re-up the FLAC?