Michael Gira - The Consumer and Other Stories

This is a scan of the book written by Mr Gira and published in 1996 which I bought immediately it appeared on my horizon. I prefer a book in my hand rather than these newfangled electronic things. However, it sells for a pretty penny these days which will put it out of reach for a lot of people. I love this and it feels like a long conversation with the inside of Mr Gira's head as he gives free reign and explores all of the themes that you love in Swans (and then some). When I read this book, I literally hear this inside my head in the voice of Mr Gira. So ... just in case you ever really wanted to read this but could never afford to ...

The Consumer and Other Stories


The Ebony Tower 24 September 2014 at 05:39  

Thank you so much! I've been wanting to read this for years!

naes1984 24 September 2014 at 17:02  

Thank you so very much for this.

Anonymous,  28 September 2014 at 17:46  

all hail giea & the swans.
i wqanted to purchase his book
but it was out of print
and it costed a lot as second hand.
it was published by the hanry rollins publishuing company.

Dave Ballantyne 3 November 2014 at 19:56  

I have to thank you so much for this I have been a fan of SWANS since the mid 80's I found Gira's short texts in both the "Cop" and "Young God" (or "Raping A Slave" as it used to be known) EP riveting, compelling and disturbing however this book had long sold out by the time i discovered it and for nearly 30 years i have wanted to read this. finally now i can! I plan to print this off asap thank you so much i i wish there was something I could do in return as this goes above and beyond the call of duty of blogging! AMAZING!

badgerstump 4 November 2014 at 18:01  

Hi Dave

The fact that it means a lot to you is thanks enough for me!

Enjoy it!

Lyubomir 11 December 2014 at 18:30  

I'd rather read a paper book myself, but The Consumer seems to be too rare and expensive.

Thank you very much!