Emeralds & Tusco Terror - Christmas Tape 2006 / Christmas Tape 2007

A very Ohio Christmas! Released on Tusco's own Tusco/Embassy label in an edition of 100 copies. 

Emeralds & Tusco Terror - Christmas Tape 2006 

Another split tape to celebrate the holiday in beautiful Ohio, USA.

Emeralds & Tusco Terror - Christmas Tape 2007 

By the way, Tusco/Embassy has continued the tradition and released a new Christmas tape every year. Two are available right as I type these words! v/a "Christmas Compilation 2012" is a 100-minute cassette featuring tracks by Aaron Dilloway, Skin Graft, and many other excellent Buckeye State noise folks, and amazingly, last year's "Christmas Tape 2011", a 90-minute tape with tracks by Tusco Terror, Leslie Keffer and more is still for sale. Support great artists and go buy these tapes!