Unplugboy & Toshimaru Nakamura - Untitled

The bleak, stubbornly anti-human non-music that arose from Tokyo's Off Site scene has always baffled me. I've heard a ton of music, and lemme tell you... it takes a lot to baffle me. One of the scene's chief instigators/antagonists was (is?) Toshimaru Nakamura, who plays a mixing board feeding back onto itself. Some of his work resembles music. Other times, it's a thin wave of nearly-eventless piercing sine tones that feels no need to make itself easy to listen to. These live collaborations with cellist Daniel Weaver (aka Unplugboy) from their 2001 UK tour is one of Nakamura's more music-like productions. It came out as a set of two 3"CDs in an adorable little stapled pouch. 

disc 1
disc 2


Anonymous,  19 October 2013 at 13:33  

prety interesting!

Anonymous,  2 December 2013 at 14:55  

Thanks for the post. I think that's a fairly accurate description of Toshi's approach back then. He struggled with the musical-ness throughout the tour and we gradually formed a collaborative approach which I tried to represent by releasing the first and last concerts.
Daniel Weaver, aka unplugboy

Certifiablockhead 12 March 2018 at 00:19  

bleak bliss...thank you...

Unknown 22 May 2018 at 09:35  

Thank you for this!