Emil Beaulieau - Anti-Performance

Before he was America's Greatest Living Noise Artist, Emil Beaulieau was just Ron Lessard, owner of the legendary RRRecords shop in Lowell, MA. For this cassette on the RRRecords label (catalog #RRR-K7-12 for all you noise nerds), Emil takes a stack of RRR "anti-records" and plays them on his record player so that you don't have to ruin your own needle. The sound of melted, chopped up, and blank wax, distilled onto dusty old plastic tape for maximum RRR fidelity. 

According to the sleeve, this tape contains the anti-sounds of Billboard Combat "Metastasis", Due Process "Do Nothing" & "Do Damage", The Haters "Wind Licked Dirt" (probably the Sgt Pepper's of anti-records), Colorado Anti-Record, Kapotte Muziek "Heathen Muzak, Honeymoon Production (aka Freek Kinkelaar of Beequeen) "Manipulation Muzak", and AMK "Montage Flexi". I've ripped them as continuous side-long tracks.   


Anonymous,  22 October 2013 at 12:25  

not my kind of noise.