Nobuo Yamada‎ - Empty Time Of T.N.B.

This is a CDr released on ABH in 2004.

This features a collaboration with The New Blockaders. I am assuming that the only collaborative work is the 1st track: "Prickle / Crevice".

There are two reasons for the assumption.

"Prickle / Crevice" was released by The New Blockaders as a single sided LP on PsychForm Records in 2005. As far as my addled brain takes me...PsychForm was an early label ran by Stan Reed of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and TBPO. Given that the LP track is longer than the CDr version, I would assume that there was some mastering work done on it. So again, I am assuming that the CDr version is the original work. I am slightly too lazy to pull the vinyl from the shelf and compare and contrast. Sorry about that!

The second reason is that the second and third tracks don't feature as singular Blockader releases.

The second track "Objective Ground Level" is credited to Art Break (which is obviously Nobuo Yamada‎) on Volume II of the vinyl "Viva Negativa!" boxset and on "Volume IV: Japan" of the CD reissue of Viva Negativa! Those tracks are 7:33 in length. This one is 15:04.

The third track "Empty Time" (25:46 incidentally) only appears here as far as I am aware.

Naturally, if you know different, let us know!

Empty Time


Anonymous,  11 September 2013 at 11:48  

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badgerstump 13 September 2013 at 20:00  

That's a lot of words for somebody who has no words!

It makes me really happy that you like this.

It is fantastic tho'!

To be honest, I'd run this blog even if it was just a private correspondance between the two of us!

If one person hasn't heard it before and "gets it" that's my sole purpose.

You might even get into the more "abstract" stuff if I try hard enough ... hahahaha

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Plague 14 September 2013 at 23:09  

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