Atrax Morgue & Stabat Mors - Aminobenzolmessias

Stabat Mors was the work of Christian Koehler.

Atrax Morgue was the work of Marco Corbelli. Marco was also responsible for the Slaughter Productions label.

Both are legends of the European Industrialists and set standards for others to follow.

Both committed suicide. Christian in 2006. Marco in 2007.

This is an LP released on Christian's abRECt label in 1997.



Anonymous,  10 September 2013 at 12:00  

all Stabat Mors works are
too abstract according to my own
deranged taste

Anonymous,  12 March 2015 at 20:10  

The sides are inverted. First side of 27 minutes is Stabat Mors side, the second of 18 minutes is Atrax Morgue side.