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This is a four 3" CDr boxset released on the excellent Striate Cortex in a rapidly sold out edition of 50 in 2012.

Here you get Neil Campbell's Astral Social Club (with Paul Walsh), Daniel Thomas (who also runs the brilliant Sheepscar Light Industrial label), Midwich (aka Rob Hayler who also runs the must-see Radio Free Midwich blog) and Ashtray Navigations (this time around as Phil Todd and Melanie O'Dubhshlaine aka Melanie Delaney who also records as Ocelocelot).

This was released to celebrate the 50th Striate Cortex release and the birth of Sheepscar Light Industrial.

Whilst I have your attention...go and visit Daniel's and Sheepscar's bandcamp pages where there is a wealth of fine material available as name your price downloads.

Victorian Electronics


zdarma,  26 May 2013 at 11:20  

Thanks for this. I missed this when it came out. And thanks for some really good posts this month, which must have been a sad one for you.

Do you maybe have a copy of Life in a Peaceful New World by Mo*te. I have never been able to track it down.

Daniel Thomas 26 May 2013 at 23:36  

Thanks for the kind words...

badgerstump 28 May 2013 at 18:19  

I've got that Mo・Te tape..i'll get around to that one soon

badgerstump 28 May 2013 at 18:20  

Daniel...thanks for the great music...and sorry...forgot Hagman with your kid!

Anonymous,  2 June 2013 at 11:52  

nice post