Black Stage - Black Stage

This CD features a live set recorded at Manda-La2 in Tokyo on September the 16th, 1994. It was released on Maboroshi No Sekai in 1996.

Here we get Natsuki Kido on acoustic guitar with Yuji Katsui on violin and Keiji Haino on both 6 and 12 string guitars and flute and harp.

This is completely free form improvisational work and full of cultural reference points that I can not possibly grasp. It is also very great... although your gratification will not be delivered immediately.

This would undoubtably be filed under jazz by some...but "jazz" is as unutterably meaningless as "noise" and "experimental". I don't think that I've heard anything quite like this...but I suppose if you gave me long enough then I would think of something. That would only colour this work and would be quite pointless...

Black Stage


Anonymous,  3 May 2013 at 13:24  

great thank for that one! Haino is real shaman of avant deep listening music/

thank for korekyojinn too


Anonymous,  4 May 2013 at 19:06