Culver & George Proctor‎ - Collaboration

Spiral left a comment on the post of the Culver cdr on Beartown Records suggesting that it had hit a pleasure spot and wanted some reposts.

That's the kind of engagement that influences!

How about some new posts?

CDr of Lee with George on the latter's Turgid Animal from 2007 (you also need to check the label site...there's some wonderful new things there that will disappear soon!).



Armagreth 23 September 2012 at 17:42  

I thought it might be worth pointing out that this release and Escort Sunshine are available from Lee himself. All his stuff (On his label Matching Head and his Culver releases on other labels) is cheap as hell and well worth checking out.

There's not a Matching Head website but you can e-mail him for a list of his wares! I don't wanna post his e-mail on the blog but it's readily available on the label's Discogs page (

Hope you don't mind me posting it, would just be cool if people were to show more support to a great project and label.