C.C.C.C. - Gnosis

Cosmic Coincidence Control Center or Chaotic Custom Cock Commandos or just plain old CCCC were Hiroshi Hasegawa (aka Astro, etc), Mayuko Hino (ex wife of the aforementioned, former S&M artiste), Ryuichi Nagakubo and Fumio Kosakai (of Hijokaidan and Incapacitants and so on).

This is a C60 released on Drahtfunk-Products in 1994.



blee,  13 September 2012 at 00:05  

Wow, this album is BRUTAL, from start to end. Changing pace thoughout, but still 100% beefy! Thank you for sharing C.C.C.C. and Astro.

Anonymous,  13 September 2012 at 11:02  

thanks man,
i've been looking
for both those two cccc
releases for years!!!