Shit Spangled Banner‎ - No Dolby No DBX

Shit Spangled Banner‎ were John Moloney, Rich Pontius and Robert Thomas. Their recorded output was very limited but it was here that they began to lay out the blueprint for what would become The Sunburned Hand Of The Man.

This was initially released on vinyl on Ecstatic Yod in 1994 and later re-released as a cdr on Manhand in 2006.

Mathieu: "No amount of preparation could get you ready for the sheer amount of weirdness on this album. From one track to the other, you are confronted by one aural assault after the other; from the tape cut-ups of What Makes Love Grow or the insane vocal grunts on Wooden Teeth (which sounds like it was recorded in an insane asylum) to the noise rock numbers. Cuntshine is the absolute highlight of the record, it's distorted guitar drones sound remarkably like the work of finnish psych-noise legends Sperm. Smallpant Fields, on the other hand, sounds very Melvins-influenced (and definitely kicks as much ass!)."

No Dolby No DBX


Anonymous,  9 June 2012 at 13:30  

both releases
are real

Kris 23 September 2012 at 20:03  

Thanks so much for posting so much amazing stuff. Any chance of posting "Wild Animal" by Sunburned Hand of the Man? I've been searching high and low for that album to no avail. A SHOTM megapost would be even more amazing (there are sooooo many of their records that I'm missing), but I'm not going to try and push my luck. ;) Thanks again for all you do!