Shit Spangled Banner ‎- Inflated With Self-Hatred

This protean masterpiece fits nicely snuggled up next to the Gnod disc. This was released on John Moloney's Manhand label in 2003 but surely features music recorded way before this!

This is taken from Mathieu Duval's My Record Collection. Given that he is the authority on all things Sunburned related, seems churlish not to!

"As expected though, this is some of the most confusing noise out there. The twenty-two minute long opener is a case in point: starting off with random noises and bits of conversation, we have no clue where this will all lead. A drone slowly sets in, but just when you thought it would remain like that for a while, poof in come the drums and we're off into a pounding heavy psych jam which, in it's turn, is interrupted by tape defects, peaking volumes and whatnot. Around the middle mark, the tune suddenly falls apart as the band struggle to build anew (and barely making it out of this one alive). The album's core is where things start to get really interesting as the tunes take on a Melvins-like pace and a distorted "Sebadoh/Dead C" sense of melody. The album ends on a light note with the silly (yet fucked-up) SSB Anthem. This is some pretty heavy shit!"

Inflated With Self-Hatred