Seht - Goodbye, America, And Have A Nice Day

2002 cdr co-released on Palindrone and Antony Milton's PseudoArcana.

This was originally commissioned and created for the 'Connected' exhibition in Wellington NZ and uses 'Dronemusic' as a point of departure.

"This is very minimal with lots of incidental clatter and totally random noise. Sounds a bit like some guy cleaning/re-arranging his kitchen, with lots of thumps and bumps and clicks and even some bird calls(!). After about 10 minutes, the drones finally make their presence known. Joined gradually by warbly guitars and wisps of melodies. But almost as soon as they're there, they disappear again. Then it's back to the ambient clatter, discussions, room sound. A reverby piano or buzzing harpsichord surface occasionally, but it always seems to return to our house cleaning, room tidying protagonist. Very strange..." [Aquarius Records]

Very excellent!

Have A Nice Day