Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark - Keyhole

LP released on the mighty Eclipse Records in 2000.

According to the back of the LP, 75% of Pelt (Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff and Jack Rose) had played a gig in Louisville with Keenan Lawler. Later that night, they were joined by Eric Clark and partied on. The session was recorded by the other 25% of Pelt (Mikal Dimmick) so presumably he is here too! Basically, this is a late night acoustic improvisational session...and we have Ed at Eclipse to thank for allowing us to listen in! Cheers, Ed!

"This album is drawn from a pre-dawn session in a stone silo at Mount Saint Francis, a Franciscan friary just north of the Kentucky-Indiana State Line."



Tim Barrios 17 October 2012 at 12:37  

have heard several Pelt recordings, but not *this* one. sounds very intriguing indeed ! (caught Pelt and Jack Rose at Terrastock 7 where they did not perform together / this is alluded to briefly @ my webpage)