The Stormer

C90 released on Cult Cassettes in 2008.

A1 Pink Lava – Invocation
A2 Green Army Faction – Destroi!
A3 Mumber Toes – Bulldog Breed
A4 Narkoleptik – Lie Down In The Gutter
A5 Genocide Lolita – SHARP Shooters
A6 Gelsomina – Truth That Hurts
A7 Mansfield – I Don't Like You
A8 Wedding – First Bells Of Harihara
A9 Stab – I Don't Give A Fuck
B1 Burial Hex – The Stormer (Lansing,MI:2007)
B2 Whitecastle – Ruination II
B3 The Grey Wolves - Streicher Commando Storm
B4 Odal – Eurabia
B5 Salvation For Sale – Julius Streicher
B6 Fecalove – I Can Feel Death SS On My Cock
B7 Deathkey – Total War

Part 1
Part 2


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