(Psychedelic) Freakout Revisited

This is the first of the planned La Musica boxsets (LMB 041-050). It's a bit of a cheat but when you are talking about an almost apocryphal label...if this isn't the best we are going to get...it will do for now!

This is the bootleg of the bootleg that is La Musica's "Psychedelic Freakout" box set, with material culled from Galactic Zoo Dossier cassettes and Plastic Crimewave's 'Jagged Time Lapse' label. The tracklist is here

Disc 01 - Demented Scrawls

Disc 02 - Trouble Fill My Spoon

Disc 03 - A Haze Of Noise

Disc 04 - Illuminated Sounds

Disc 05 - Black Radiation

Disc 06 - Epitaph For A Head

Disc 07 - Inking Her Soul

Disc 08 - Storm The Gates

Disc 09 - One Wild Chemical Switch

Disc 10 - Displacer Ray


Anonymous,  1 September 2011 at 12:09  

Thank you very much for this.
Excellent post.

slovenlyeric 2 September 2011 at 17:11  

Thanks for posting this. I surprised at the number of bands on this that I am not familiar with. This must have been done towards the beginning of the Galactic Zoo Dosier.

Anonymous,  3 September 2011 at 11:49  

a masterpiece a masterpiece
they have to post a masterpiece to pay the rent.....

i don't know if you can pay the rent but this post
is a masterpiece!
go badger go