Violent Onsen Geisha - Excrete Music

Just when I thought that I would never see another VOG release that I didn't have...this just landed out of the blue!

Released on the Japanese label Vanilla Records in 1991, compiled from various unreleased tapes to make one brilliant single track cd.

1991 - Violent Onsen Geisha - Excrete Music [vanilla records]


MmMmM 8 October 2010 at 18:15  

one of my favs.

so what you're saying is that you own every known VOG release? Or is it only the files that you own?

badgerstump 8 October 2010 at 19:57  

What I am saying is that I posted everything that I had...and then a friend gave me one that I did not have...and then I posted it. Not difficult to understand really when you think about it!

Anonymous,  16 October 2010 at 13:59  

jesus badgerstump loosen up ye