The vanishing Astral Social Club post...

A while back I was going to drop an ASC post. On my travels, I found an absolutely brilliant blog that had posted quite a few already. I have a lot more that aren't there but decided to give that blog some props and move on to something else instead.

But I forgot to give the blog the respect it deserves. Anyway...

Check out Flashing Light Will Blind Us and you will find a good healthy dose of ASC and a lot of other gems. Check out the Tokyo Flashback series she/he/they have up there! I was gonna post it but checked to see if it was already up somewhere (that's how I found the blog). Looks like I was beat to the Wheels Of Confusion post as well but I didn't lift it from there, it came from my own collection...great/simple minds think alike I guess! I might return to ASC and fill in the gaps...but might not.

Astral Social Club is the work of Neil Campbell by the way. Probably best known for his work with Vibracathedral Orchestra, he is a prolific solo artist, contibutor and collaborator. You really should check out his work! A lot is still for sale and he releases fresh material regularly and you can keep in touch here. Neil also uses Discogs to sell his gear here and is always helpful and takes time to answer any fanboy questions you might have.


3 October 2010 at 15:39  

Beauty, of course, is in the eye and/or ear of the beholder/listener.

However, carving their own path - here's me feces
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