Zardonic Recordings

Zardonic Recordings is a Venuzuelan netlabel putting out some of the best dark dnb out there from artists such as Kryteria, Zombie, Switch Technique and of course, Zardonic...

...and here's the kicker, they're all free! :D

For those who aren't familiar with Zardonic, he's one of South America's finest drum and bass artists and the guy behind it, Federico Agreda, has put his name to many other projects such as Sol Nocturno (was once called Gorepriest), Intimus Universum and Blackholepit. Seeing as I aint any good at this biography thing you can find a more detailed bio on Zardonic's Myspace.

I'm not going to host the links for these downloads myself as they're all on the label's website soooooo go grab them.

Go visit at