Birchville Cat Motel

1997 - Birchville Cat Motel
1998 - Siberian Earth Curve
1999 - Fading Light From Distant Suns
1999 - Lion Of Eight Thousand Generations
2000 - Cranes Are Sleeping
2001 - Swarming Tamagotchi Plague
2001 - We Count These Prayers
2002 - Long Vanished Spirals
2003 - Screamformelongbeach
2003 - Summer's Seething Pulse
2004 - Chi Vampires
2004 - Split (w/Reynols)
2004 - With Maples Ablaze
2005 - 30th December 2004 (w/Lee Ranaldo)
2005 - Firepower Fragrant Cloud
2006 - Chaos Steel Skeletons 1
2006 - Chaos Steel Skeletons 2
2006 - Chaos Steel Skeletons 3
2006 - Carved Surface Destroyer Part 1
2006 - Carved Surface Destroyer Part 2
2006 - Birchville Cat Motel & Yellow Swans (w/Yellow Swans)
2006 - Her Anger Is Limitless
2006 - Our Love Will Destroy The World
2006 - Small Christian Victories
2007 - Three Sparkling Echoes (w/Anla Courtis)
2007 - Astro Catastrophies Part 1
2007 - Astro Catastrophies Part 2
2007 - Bird Sister Catastrophy
2007 - Birds Call Home Their Dead
2007 - Live In Glasgow 2007 (Bootleg)
2007 - Seventh Ruined Hex
2007 - The Frog Prince
2008 - Four Freckle Constellation
2008 - Gunpowder Temple Of Heaven
2008 - Second Carved Surface Destroyer Part 1
2008 - Second Carved Surface Destroyer Part 2


LeeBx 25 September 2010 at 18:31  

looking for rips of 'Home' and 'Shapeshifter' if anyone has them?

Aquarius is sold out of both.


Anonymous,  12 October 2010 at 13:23  

birchvile cat motel.
pheraps the best name for a rock band ever.
well, rock....
noise + ambient + electronics + metal + __________ (you name it)-
i fuacking love them thst's all. almost every recording is a milestone, mandatory.
i heard track where hawkwind seems to melt with sutechre, in an other brian ene copulates with merzbow.
ah, far beyond psychedelia, far beyond everything.
one of the greatest music reality of the last ten, twenty years.

p.s. Second Carved Surface Destroyer has a track not working after you decompress the archive. can anyone fix it. bye!!!

JiffyLabido,  23 May 2011 at 07:10  

Yah, I was having the same problem with that track and I found a quick and easy fix. First, you have to correlate the source code for the MP3 and transfer it to an XRL file. Next, export that to sub layer drive utilizing a second computer and a combination of fire wire spliced with a USB mine and a male headphone jack. Once you have that solidified in a proper modulation, then you need to remove the drive and place it in the microwave for about 45 minutes (1 hour if you are at a higher elevation). Once that is complete, drain the liquid from the drive and place into an ice cube tray. Freeze until solid. Now, get yourself a ceramic heater and disable the mercury tip switch. Lay the heater on it's back and turn on high. Place the ice cube onto the middle on the screen and allow to melt. First, don't forget to get Audacity and connect a high density omnidirectional microphone. Remember, in the input dropdown to choose microphone. Record the track as the ice melts (it should play as soon as the liquid starts draining onto the inner workings of the ceramic heater). After the track is done, interpolate it with the PDF you should create of the original source code for the MP3. Export and rename, viola! Track fixed!

Quack,  20 September 2011 at 13:59  

Thank you JiffyLabido, that worked!