Quagga Curious Sounds

Quagga Curious Sounds is an small upcoming specialising in noise and has a trademark for putting out releases in quirky packaging of a very high quality. You won't find any boring xeroxed CD-rs here ;D

The label is run buy a dude called Michael Ridge (the one behind experimental noise project ZEBRA MU!) and he puts out stuff on various formats. So far we've seen CDrs, minidisks, b-cards and audio cassettes and in future things will get even more experimental ;) According to Quagga's Myspace, 'Future plans include 8-Track tapes, VHS, floppy discs, lathe cut records and much more!'.

Quagga sells stuff real cheap too, the most expensive item i've seen so far has been £5, and most seem to average from £3-4.

So far Quagga has released some proper tasty noise from such artists as Torturing Nurse, Kylie Minoise, Carl Kruger and of course ZEBRA MU.

My personal favourite Quagga release was Inhibition's 'Live Action', and the packaging on that was mint! Spray painted b-card cd-r in a fancy collage-covered card, which all is held in a nice lil envelope with a unique picture from some ju-jitsu book thing. The little quirky things about the packaging really make Quagga stand out in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, all of the Quagga release i've heard are top notch... but they aren't the only label putting out good quality noise of course. So for me the packaging keeps bringing me back and I make sure i'm the first to put my name down on a copy :D

Quagga release in very limited numbers at the moment so if you're interested you better keep an eye out, next up is Mutant Ape so make sure you get in quick :)

And for those who didn't already notice the link, here it is below ;D

Quagga's Myspace