Lord Puff - Milk?

Milk, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely warped ideas turned into beats. Say it again, y'all!

The same person as Killer Bong. This is a CD released on his own Black Smoker Records in 2003.

tremulous delerium


kingpossum,  18 January 2024 at 19:47  

Good god y'all. Move over Sgt. Pepper, there's a new Greatest Album Cover of All Time in town. At least for the next 20 minutes.

kingpossum,  30 January 2024 at 17:22  

First listen I thought maybe it was actually the Los Angeles Free Music Society getting serious. But the snippet of a Venusian Gil Scott-Heron mumbling something about weed raised questions. Still have questions. Many. Terrifically woozy like trying to read a roadmap through shower door glass. Yay, in a word.

Blessings and thanks y'all.