Wolf Eyes - Centralized Choirs B

You know what? "Pernicious" is a completely misunderstood word and it should be understood as a healing superpower utilised beneficently to further human evolution. From that perspective, Wolf Eyes are already here leaping tall buildings in a single bound (admittedly with varying degrees of success). We should all go outside right now and build statues in their honour, firm in the knowledge that in a couple of centuries, those self-samed symbols of idolatry will be torn down as our tape-ripping ancestors will consider them too mainstream. Brothers and Sisters, hear me know and go forth and create the future!

A self-released C60 from 2019 in an edition of 19 ... one less than Centralized Choirs A. Take heed, the signs are everywhere!

bark at the moon


Anonymous,  1 May 2023 at 10:03