Negativland - U2

The vacuously pompous don't like to be pricked so this got banned as well. However, truth is truth no matter how many lawyers you have.

CD EP courtesy of SST Records in 1991.



Bill 17 October 2021 at 02:28  

I had never really listened to Negativland so last summer I put aside a couple of weeks to listen to as much of their discog as I could. One of the most enjoyable and enlightening musical experiences I've had in a long time. Highly recommended to everyone!

Liver Johnny Jewel,  17 October 2021 at 18:05  

That's the letter "U" and the numeral "2", ya'll.

Anonymous,  17 October 2021 at 18:58  

the querrel was so hard
at the time that even
the italian newspapers
wrote about that

snuggles,  18 October 2021 at 23:23  

Negativland U2 Multitrack Master

"Negativland presents, for free digital download, the original un-mixed studio multi-track tape for re-mixing, re-purposing and re-inventing in whichever way the listener may choose. Negativland encourages the re-contextualization of this seminal work for whatever reason, whatsoever. In keeping with the working methods and philosophy of Negativland, and the Fair Use provision in U.S. Copyright Law (Section 107,, the group offers up this raw material in the hopes that entirely new versions of the work are created and disseminated."