Mark Stewart - As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade

I suppose it's a snappier title than "When You Begin To Realise That Your Society Has Been Stratified By A Statistically Insignificant Economic, Ethnic And Religious Male Elite And You Are Not One Of Them And The Expectation Is That You Shut The Fuck Up, Stop Asking Questions And Work Until You Drop Dead Whilst Bearing In Mind That You Need To Have Children For The Greater Good So They Can Work Until They Die Whilst Soaking Up The Flood Water And Operating As An Alternative Food Source". Maybe Flux Of Pink Indians used that one.

Anyway. This has an On-U catalogue number but was never released there but on Mute instead. Anyway. Again. On here, you might suspect that our agitprop chanteuse has released a solo album. Whilst that would be a good thing, the mafiosa are Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald and Adrian Sherwood. If that news draws a shrug of the shoulders then you have much learning to do.

Originally a LP from 1985, this is the CD version from 1988 that also includes the Hypnotized 12" released at the same time as the original.

the awareness of self-management


Anonymous,  7 May 2023 at 07:43  

Excellent, thank you.