Zettai Reido - Zettai Reido

There's an admirable Killing Joke / Magazine vibe with occasional Laurie Anderson synths going on here. This is quite possibly the only thing they released in their lifetime but it's impossible to know why because it's brilliant. The main person behind the band is Wataru Ōkuma, who was in Ché-SHIZU and A-Musik amongst many others. An appetiser for what will follow.

A 7" released on Junk Connection in 1980. The scans of the flipbook are included btw.



Anonymous,  9 May 2021 at 18:01  

I'm sure you've probably already seen/heard it... but if not, you might like this...

badgerstump 9 May 2021 at 18:08  

no not at all ... i knew it existed but zettai reido bandcamp
is something i had never thought to ask jeeves about

thank you!