Eugeniusz Rudnik - Studio Eksperymentalne Polskiego Radia

These are compositions ranging from 1965 to 2002. You already have a feel for where you are going and it really doesn't disappoint.

A great four CD set courtesy of Polskie Radio in 2009. It's not MP3.

you better listen to the voice of reason


Anonymous,  21 March 2021 at 10:41  

Thank you very much for those unknown(to me)high quality works!

Nick,  21 March 2021 at 15:24  

Still working my way through the last Eugeniusz offering but this is gratefully received too.

Anonymous,  23 March 2021 at 04:09  

Just astonishing - many, many thanks for this and Miniatury!

_sto,  23 March 2021 at 10:15  

Great, thanks! This is not unlike Arne Nordheim (who did all his electronic work in Poland since his highly developed home country had nothing to offer but snow, oil and "brunost"). If you listen to Rudnik's "Mobile" and then to Nordheim's "Poly-Poly" you'll have an epiphany. Well, maybe not, but you'll see where I'm aiming at.