Various - Hare, Hunter, Field

This is (apparently) the fourth and final label release ... a crying shame when you consider the people that were drawn to contribute. This includes Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, The Grief, Hélène Sage, a great track from (the Manc Hero Vini Reilly™ aka) Durutti Column that has his delicate guitar over a bed of System 7 style hippypsychetrance (it's much better than I've made it sound btw), Jon Rose, Asmus Tietchens, Architects Office and more and more. The final track is a 14 minute collaboration between Muslimgauze & Hesskhe Yadalanah. It's very good. Has a similar vibe to Material's "Seven Souls" but then degrades into electronic decay which is welcome in my house pretty much every day of the week. The missing release is a tape by Hesskhe Yadalanah who is also Miguel Santos who ran the label. I've never heard his work outside of the occasional track on a compilation ... if anyone could share those, that would be feckin' marvellous!

CD courtesy of Johnny Blue in 1992. It's flac.

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