Evil Moisture - Bone Mics Give You More! Vol.1

"4 x C30 in vinyl box, first edition limited to 25 copies. First in a series of unreleased and remastered (as in repaired and often re-spliced) material taken from the very glued up reel to reel master tapes from old Evil Moisture releases which were edited with razor blade and splicing tape (or Halloween parcel tape in some cases). Often the tapes were bought second hand and had for example Dire Straits or Shirley Bassey on 2 tracks, and these tracks are remastered keeping the sound from all 4 channels, so sometimes you'll hear Bob Marley backwards chopped up in time with a bunch of tiny edits..."

Imagine Itchy and Scratchy versus Ren and Stimpy in an intracranial tag-team death match.

Courtesy of his own Royal Sperm and More Death And Horror ‎imprints in 2018.

well, stew my pork!