dis - Ed Was Solace

Some of the best music I've heard is something that I bought on impulse. Mind you, occasionally it doesn't work out ... the only music I ever bought that I don't still have is the Steel Construction LP by The Leather Nun. Surely there are laws against such crimes. I gave it to someone that I didn't like much. Anyway, I digress. I didn't know anything about this but the graphics grabbed me immediately. Fuck hyperbole ... it just blew me away and I played it for the rest of the day.

This was part of the wave of the quietquietLOUD expression of American post-hardcore/post-punk. Before I bought this I already owned both Slint LPs and they are truly brilliant and Slint are rightly lauded ... but ... dis are better. Maybe there is a church of dis- out there that I am not aware of but christ on a bike, these people should be played to children in all State institutions. We have nothing to lose ... dis to the masses on a free prescription!

There is one split single that was released with Cool Beans magazine #3. I'm pretty sure that track hasn't appeared anywhere else but I don't have it ... if you've ripped that pass it on in a mission of mercy type thing. Other than that there were three singles and three albums ... in a gift to humanity, they have put the first two albums up as a name your price ... there are a few copies of the third album that you can still get here.

Seven inches of wonder released confusingly on Twelve Inch Records (make your own jokes at the back of the class) in 1992.

with broken this and broken that