Various - Bilateral Separation

"A split channel compilation featuring different sound artists on the left and right channels to be played either alone or simultaneously. In other words, there are technically 20 tracks, not 10. The left most artist and title featured corresponds to the left channel and vice versa."

The line ups are spectacular: to save my fingertips just look. The only downside is that all of the tracks come in at just under two minutes each. It's s shame because I could listen all day long.

C20 released on Clotted Meat Portioning in 1996.

Bilateral Separation


zxcvbn 8 March 2020 at 22:31  

the first split channel noise thing I heard or at least consciously was aware that i was hearing was 'sick silent summer slum' sickness/prurient. this looks like a pretty amazing also

Anonymous,  11 March 2020 at 17:19