Toshiharu Ohsato - Takaranetanchototakaine

Toshiharu Ohsato is one of the people behind Gaseneta and Taco and that entire orbit of what? This only tells half of the tale ... the list of collaborators on here is ridiculously impressive but I don't have the time to explain. It took me days to tag this so you either trust me or you are here by accident.

A massively impressive and unexpected five CD retrospective released on Super Fuji Discs in 2011. There is a one hour DVD that came with this set but I don't have that ... sorry.




rvvv 2 November 2019 at 13:01  

I was about to ask if you had this and then you uploaded it the same night lmao. maybe mind power does exist after all..thanks

Anonymous,  2 November 2019 at 15:36

This guy's memoir is a MUST READ for anyone interested in the Japanese no-wave/post punk scene. Pinakotheca, Vanity, Fifth Column, Ultra-Bide, Hijokaidan and so on. There is also a book of rememberances of him written after his death, but it's only in Japanese unfortunately. Maybe someone will translate it one day.

Anonymous,  3 November 2019 at 14:30  

wow ! this is massive ! unfortunately zippy is not working here... any chance for a link via another hoster ?
best chris

badgerstump 3 November 2019 at 14:50  

Chris ... zippy is apparently banned in Europe ... you need to be a bit more creative

copy the zippy link and then choose a non-EU server

Anonymous,  3 November 2019 at 17:14  

badgerstump, thanx a lot !!! it worked fine ! best to you chris

badgerstump 3 November 2019 at 17:30  


It seems you are in my part of the world. I also have the book so here's a more accessible source

... it's a slim volume but it's excellent