Philippe Blanchard / Bardoseneticcube - Untitled

A very very good collaboration that reminds me that I should listen to Bardoseneticcube much more than I have done so far.

CDr released on Ultra in 2007.

Philippe Blanchard / Bardoseneticcube


Anonymous,  6 May 2019 at 19:05  

Dear Badger,

please please please post some Bardoseneticcube albums...

Anonymous,  16 June 2019 at 18:53  

Yup, that guy Igor of Bardo is pure genius.

Anonymous,  16 June 2019 at 19:05  

And I bet he is the only noise artist admitted by russian government. Few years ago he made a sound installation ( by official order) named "Slushai Blokadu" ( Hear the Blockade) , that was dedicated to blockade of Leningrad by German troops during WWII.

badgerstump 16 June 2019 at 19:11  

well, probably dedicated to the Russian resistance of the German blockade rather than the reverse

maybe it was dedicated to the new blockade(rs)

Anonymous,  16 June 2019 at 19:19  

oh, of course for resistance. my fault.