G*Park - Seismogramm

Swiss artist Marc Zeier was one of the earliest members of the Schimpfluch crew, yet he remains one of the least prolific (Inzekt and Merz-Jazz beat his minimal output record, but after a couple of excellent recordings the former went on to produce inconsequential techno, and the latter was merely a one-off improv group document). His G*Park recordings make clear right away why there aren't many of them. Each album is meticulously produced, with careful and highly detailed compositions of utterly baffling origin. Fans of The Hafler Trio, Hands To, or irr.app.(ext.) will enjoy this stuff, as will anyone with working ears and a soul. After a run of cassettes between 1986 and 1988 (all compiled onto a 6xCDr boxset released by Tochnit Aleph), "Seismogramm" was the first LP. It came out as an LP on the Schimpfluch label, and was then reissued on CD by Blossoming Noise. If you like this (and there's no reason why you wouldn't), check out "Corpse", a tape released by Banned Productions or "Sub", a double CD released by 23five, both of which are still available and totally necessary. 

G*Park - Seismogramm


dyav,  24 October 2018 at 07:45  

Thanks - I've been looking for this one for years!

GRK. 24 October 2018 at 08:07  

I really like Yack Park & Geopod. Thanks for this one.