Jim O'Rourke - Rules of Reduction

If you have but a passing interest in musique concrete, then American shapeshifter Jim O'Rourke's entry in the Cinema Pour L'Orielle series might be simply an entertaining little EP. If, however, you've heard and absorbed the work of Luc Ferrari, Pierre Schaffer and the other heavyweights, then "Rules of Reduction" is a laugh-out-loud, respectful homage to the cliches and techniques of French tape music. See how many you can spot. The more you listen, the more you'll hear. It's more than a mere succession of audio jokes, of course; think of it as if Edgar Wright treated electroacoustic music the way he did zombie movies in "Shaun of the Dead". It works on its own, while layers exist for those who can pick them out.

Jim O'Rourke - Rules Of Reduction


kingpossum,  9 August 2017 at 16:20  

Hence the cheeky title then.

Anonymous,  9 August 2017 at 16:58  

Thanks, of course, and great summary! Trust Mr. O'Rourke not to simply pastiche his chosen genre, but to supply subtext. He actually took issue with the pervasiveness of the term 'musique concrete' many Wires ago, admonishing those who (mis)use it outside of its designated historical context.