va - The Swingers Club

Released as a limited-to-100-copies CDR in 1997 by Solipsism, a CDR-only sublabel of Self Abuse Records, this is a compilation of harsh noise collaborations. Each track features one artist using sounds from someone else. Aube makes a track out of Blazen y Sharp source material, Blazen y Sharp makes a track out of Smell & Quim's source material, Hyware makes a track out of OVMN's source material, and so on. Other pairings include Rotten Piece/Cock ESP, Macronympha/Pain Jerk, Smell & Quim/Hanged Man's Orgasm, MSBR/Hyware, Cock ESP/Iugula-Thor, Crawl Unit/Aube, Skin Crime/MSBR, Hanged Man's Orgasm/Crawl Unit, and Sukora/Rotten Piece.

va - The Swingers Club


Anonymous,  1 June 2017 at 18:15  

Nice, thank you.

Anonymous,  5 June 2017 at 18:27  

wow. very cool.
i love that