Gaseneta - Greatest Hits

Genius ramshackle garage rock and roll punk noise that delightfully collapses around your ears.

Greatest Hits is very tongue in cheek considering that they didn't actually release anything in their lifetime. The majority of these recordings are made between 1977 and 1979 with three tracks from 1985 that have a completely different line up including Asahito Nanjo on bass, Munehiro Narita on guitar and Yuro Ujiie on drums (all of whom were in High Rise).

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2011.

Greatest Hits


Certifiablockhead 18 May 2017 at 13:45  

glorious racket...thanks...

Anonymous,  22 May 2017 at 01:20  

I have the feeling this record appeared as a "light" (accessible) version of the Gaseneta monster box (they appeared about the same tame, same label), which seems really a good idea. A guy I know, after me reccommending him the Gaseneta collection, told me that the box is that type of records that are good for telling people you have them and sounding cool, but never listening to them :D Well, not my case. I've listened to the entire BOX. Changing the tracklist though. Listening to 20 versions of the same 'song' in a row is too much even if Gaseneta improvised a bit and never did a song the same way. Well, I guess all the songs in this CD are songs from the Box, but I'll try the comp anyway.

Thanks again, saludos

Fernando :)