Pain Jerk - O))slo

You are about to enter into Sweet Baby Jesus territory.

This is Kohei Gomi reworking the last 20 minutes of a live set at Blå, Oslo from 2007. The louder the volume, the more hypnotic it gets. It goes silent at around 20 minutes .... for a while ... then you get a "hidden track" of (erm...) high-pitched burping and farting noise birdsong (sort of ...).

Caligari, if you drop a "not bad" on this, I'm coming around to your house to kick you up the arse :)

CDr released on his own AMP label in 2010. This is another one of the resurrection releases that came out in Japan in a really small edition with only a reported five copies making it out to my half of the world.



Plague 6 April 2017 at 00:59  

Just how loud is "loud"?
I already have tinnitus, damn it

dyav,  6 April 2017 at 06:53  

This is ace! Thanks badger!