Various - Vanity / Finest Selection 1978-81

Let's face it, nobody ever accused us of not being ultra-nerd completists and lived to tell the tale! This is an "unofficial" vinyl compilation of Vanity Records tracks that you will have heard before but what the hell!

Vanity / Finest Selection 1978-81


Anonymous,  20 January 2016 at 07:31  

Sometimes You use 7zip, but this one is only for PC..
Please, can you use an archiving software available for Apple too ?
Like Zip or rar, or any other ?
Thanks in advance.
& long life to Bleak Bliss !

All the best,

badgerstump 20 January 2016 at 09:31  

Hi ... there are plenty of options for Mac. I think they do the Unarchiver that works with 7zip files or you can go here for other options:

Anonymous,  24 January 2016 at 17:50  

love that!

Anonymous,  20 August 2016 at 23:34  

"Let's face it, nobody ever accused us of not being ultra-nerd completists and lived to tell the tale!"

:D Well I'm afraid I'm gonna have to assume that risk... I told the other day to the DIY or Die admin, the combined DoD/BB Vanity collection is not complete: there are some flexis missing: vanity 2006 was Hovlakin's (aka Hoburakin) flexi, 1980, vanity 8102 a flexi by a band called System, and vanity 2005 a flexi by Tolerance which has a non-album track. These three can be found in the tube: for the first one, look for "Hoburakin vanity"; for the second, "System Love Song vanity" can do the trick; the Tolerance one needs only the song title (Today's thrill).
Another flexi missing in your combined collections is Normal Brain's Frottage (vanity 2004). The song appears in their LP (two versions, in fact) but I dunno if it's another recording. Couldn't find that one :(

I'm intrigued by this band, System. Discogs links their vanity flexi to a page for a Dutch 1975 band. Discogs sometimes is very crazy. The song sounds like some kind of... who to put it... bleak bliss? mm, these two words ring a bell... Oh, and the singer (in the vanity flexi) sounds very much like Phew. I wonder...

Well, so I did it - I told the tale, so now I wonder if I'll live as a commentor in this blog. In any case, marking the absences (& where to find them) is a way to say thanks for this salomonic vanity of vanities collection ;)


Fernando :)