Incapacitants - 箱愚か Box Is Stupid

In 2009, Lasse Marhaug bestowed a great gift upon the world by re-releasing this set of early tapes (all taken from the original DAT masters) on his own Pica Disk as a ten CD set. Suddenly, it was possible to hear Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa in all of their unfettered glory. You should have all heard this by now ... but, just in case ...

"In short, for me it’s the ultimate rock n roll." - Fumio Kosakai

01 Stupid Is Stupid [Studio Materials]

02 Stupid Is Stupid [Live Materials]

03 Extreme Gospel Nights

04 Ad Nauseam [Edition Mikawa]

05 Ad Nauseam [Edition Kosakai]

06 Ad Nauseam [Edition Live]

07 D.D.D.D. (Destroy Devastating And Disgusting Derivatives)

08 The Tongue

09 Cosmic Incapacitants

10 I, Residuum


Certifiablockhead 23 September 2015 at 01:16  

i´m loving this, finally...i only knew cd1...thank you...