Jarvis / Joincey / Todd - All Aboard The Good Ship Marginalia

What's the only good thing to come out of Stoke? Yeah, name your own road (aka escape route). Boom and indeed Tish.

The real answer is obviously Andy Jarvis, Anthony Joinson and Phil Todd. Responsible in various roles for the likes of Anna Planeta, A Warm Palindrome, Dogliveroil, Inca Eyeball, Green Monkey, Tea Culture, Target Shoppers and Ashtray Navigations. Yes, good people, you are in the hands of genii.

CDr released on Phil's Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers in 2001.

All Aboard The Good Ship Marginalia


Certifiablockhead 13 August 2015 at 20:09  

more bliss...best yet...thank you...