Up-Tight - Sweet Sister Session (Uncut) - For Lucrezia

Last year, Essence Music re-released "The Night Is Yours" which initially was an LP released on Sloowax in 2011. The re-release has a boxset edition of only 91 copies that contained a bonus CDr. In one of those "dream come true" moments, it's the full (previously unheard) Sweet Sister from 2004 recorded during the making of the Lucrezia album. Quite rightly, the boxset sold out immediately. So here is the bonus disc ... forty-six minutes of heaven!

Essence Music create some really fine releases and you should really check them out. You should pass by their Bandcamp to whet your appetite.

Sweet Sister Session (Uncut)


Anonymous,  12 May 2015 at 11:15  

Thanks for this and for d.bruce too!


Certifiablockhead 4 July 2015 at 03:30  

hooked on Up-Tight...thanks...