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Jim Haras runs the Fusty Cunt label, records as Deterge and must have a perverse sense of humour. For the label's 34th release, he prepared a huge ten C60 collection to deliver a total Harsh Noise Wall overdose. Then he listed the artists alphabetically and randomly ascribed numbers to the otherwise featureless tapes. I would imagine that no two sets are the same. Even the biggest Wall nerd won't be able to figure out this puzzle...

There are three people that I was not previously aware of but then there's Ghoul (aka Robert Meldrum aka Corpse Candle), Griz+zlor, I Am A Slut {aka Tomasz Piotrowicz), Shining Sex (which is another alter ego of Richard Ramirez), Självhat, Svartvit and (obviously) Vomir.

Released on the excellent Fusty Cunt Tapes in 2010.

Tape 01 Damsel In Distress
Tape 02 Ghoul
Tape 03 Griz+zlor
Tape 04 I Am A Slut
Tape 05 Midnight Heat
Tape 06 Shining Sex
Tape 07 Självhat
Tape 08 Skinflint
Tape 09 Svartvit
Tape 10 Vomir


Plague 11 February 2015 at 01:38  

Oh, this makes my funt very custy indeed.

kadawer,  12 February 2015 at 13:41  

Thank you for this amazing box set! Blasting this gem as I type

Anonymous,  15 February 2015 at 17:17  

a true odissey to download
but it was really worth of it!