Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith - Blue Before Blackface

Two wonderful people bring you a 5 CDr and DVDr set from 2011.

This was released on Tom's Karl Schmidt Verlag in 2011. I missed the physical copy, so here comes the caveat: disc 1 is a dvda rip, it has the same tracklength as disc 6 but a different sound quality to 6 and all of the my puny ears, it's a recording of a live event. If you know different, let me know!

This was released in an edition of 50. KSV never release in editions above 50 and are usually much more scarce. I've never seen any reprinted so I recommend that you pay frequent visits and act quickly!

Kevin's releases are also extremely limited. However, if enough people miss the latest edition of 20 or whatever, and you get in touch very quickly, Kevin is good enough to put out an equally limited second press. He has two new CDrs out now, Phantom Jerk and Quiet Night (and they are great by the way). Go and get them! Check the soundcloud link for the collab with Jason Lescalleet whilst you're there. Damn fine!

I saw Kevin last year at Supersonic. Even though they usually make a bollocks of the sound in the Old Library, it was great. The room was full and the applause at the end was from everyone. The look on KD's face was "why are you clapping that?" and seemed slightly puzzled and apologetic. Probably because we may never see him again...and because it was great.








perezprado 18 August 2013 at 22:16  

I wondered when this was going to show up. I actually bought this and it caused a bit of a stir when I posted on slsk. My copy has 6 x cdrs plus the dvd. I have not ripped the dvd yet... I see what you are saying about discs one and six (six is the only one with a subtitle on the artwork: "Sediments")but the dvd is completely different and broken into small segments, including a series of shots of the inside of a car going through tunnels with whatever is on the radio in the background and brief segments of live performances that look they were shot on cell phones or maybe a flip. I'll see what I can do about the dvd... Great blog!

kingpossum,  19 August 2013 at 04:00  

Oh man thanks for reminding me I need to get caught up on Mr. Smith's KSV stuff. I got many of the early releases but lapsed more recently.

Mega thanks for the post and the nudge.

Plague 25 August 2013 at 01:56  

this is one of the million Vertag releases I've been lookin' for

Anonymous,  27 August 2013 at 10:46  

as usual too abstrct
according my own taste.
anyway go on,
i love that blog!

ommyth 26 August 2017 at 22:44  

Hi - it's Tom. Have you dropped by the KSV Bandcamp page? Many of the older releases posted there are free. I'm slowly and somewhat steadily uploading as much from the 2008-2015 archive as time allows (the latter date marks our hard drive crash, one which leveled the label until enthusiasts and collectors threw themselves into action and ripped nearly all of the approx. 315 albums we'd lost. Their largess was remarkable and it enabled us to get back on our cloven feet in 2016. Anyhow, thanks for posting "Blue," and all the other excellent recordings you've shared by so many fine artists. Best, TS