Justin Marc Lloyd‎ - Year Of The Water Dragon Vol. 2 & 3

This is a C45 and C40 set released on Rainbow Bridge in an edition of 23 late last year.

You really need to take a bit of time out of your life to absorb this. It covers a lot of ground and is never predictable...this will sneak right up behind you. From crawling noise to glitch to found sound to manipulated live instruments to more ambient soundscapes (there are even parts that make me dance but trust me it's not a pleasant sight). If it was to be described in a single word: cinematic.

There is also an additional track that was originally designed for the Rainbow Bridge download version. Justin has given this to us...so you can only get this tape set here.

Justin is a busy man!

Whilst recording under his own name, he also records as Dementia And Hope Trails, Dim Dusk Moving Gloom, False Flag, Ghost Volcano (with Andy Livingston and Mike Pursley), Inappropriate King Live, OK Putrid (with Kaitlyn Prochazka), Pregnant Spore, Sensible Nectar and The Human Excuse. He also runs the quite brilliant Rainbow Bridge label.

Justin makes his out of print releases available via the label site as free downloads. You not only get Justin's work but will also find work by Yellow Crystal Star, Astro, Torturing Nurse, Skin Graft, Hostage Pageant, Actuary, Julia LaDense, Red Electric Rainbow, Nundata, Andrew Coltrane, Facialmess, White Dog and a host of others with many more to come ... every single thing is well worth checking out!

Justin also blogs all over the place varying from details of new gigs and releases and his favourite things to acute investigations of his internal architecture. I've been linking his activities on the left hand side of the front page for a couple of years now...

Sometimes, in my experience, blogging can appear to be a quite solitary and questionably pointless exercise. And, then somebody tells you that they loved a particular piece of music and it becomes worthwhile again. And then sometimes you get to speak to people who make great art. And then sometimes, they turn out to be really genuine, grounded individuals ... Justin is one of them and he makes me smile!

Year Of The Water Dragon Vol. 2 & 3


Samuel Gulpan 29 April 2013 at 06:24  

Thanks for this! While I don't recall how I became acquainted with RB and JML, I've found a host of goodies through his various channels of expression... and through your blog also. Dementia And Hope Trails is exquisite.